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Production continues on Whisk(e)y Chasing, and there are several sponsorship opportunities available if you are interested in promoting your distillery, region, or brand to the whiskey loving crowd. In addition to the film, we will be producing a series about the whisky regions we explore for release through our international distributors. We have already obtained an intent for distribution, and have been invited to several film festivals once the film is complete. Check out our sponsor levels below and please email us for more information, or download our Whisky Sponsor Download.

Available Sponsor opportunities

$20,000 – Title Sponsor
$10,000 – Presenting Sponsor
$5,000 – Regional Travel Sponsor
$2,500 – Distillery Sponsor (Europe) 
$1,500 – Distillery Sponsor (U.S., Canada) 
$500 – Supporting Sponsor 

The types and uses of oak in whisky is a story unto itself.

Locations & Stories 

Below is a partial list of whisky regions and stories that we are seeking sponsorship and underwriting for:

Bourbon County – What would Scotch be without bourbon? We want to explore Bourbon county, the tradition of sour-mash American whiskey, the color and character of the South, and take a deep look into American charred oak barrels – their flavor profile and growing popularity.

Tennessee Rye – Before bourbon, there was Rye whiskey. This was the very first grain early settlers used to make whiskey. Tennessee is where it all began.

Good Oak – We want to follow the story of American and European oak – how the trees are selected, cut, dried, and shaped into barrrels, and what flavors bourbon casks, vs. sherry casks impart to whiskey. We also want to take a look at the new species of oak that are now being explored in the production of whisk(e)y, plus the new types of barrels – port, Sauternes, that are helping shape the whiskey revolution.

Japanese Whisky – If there is one place in the whisky world Michael Jackson put on the map, it would be Japan. We very much want to travel to Japan and get the story behind some of the best whisky in the world.

India – India is one of the largest whiskey markets on the planet. They make their own unique style of spirit here, and enthusiasm is at an all-time high. The story of Indian whisky is as colorful as it is fascinating and unexpected. We want to tell it.

Tasmania – Ask any whisky expert or writer where the most exciting new whiskies in the world are coming from, and without hesitation they’ll tell you “Tasmania.” Enough said.

Have an idea or an exciting whisk(e)y story or region to tell us about? Drop us an email.