We decided to go the Airbnb route throughout most of our trip to Scotland. It’s much cheaper than a hotel, plus you can cook your own food and have a fridge to put beer and cheese and beer in. But the best thing about Airbnb is meeting the local people. Our hosts in Edinburgh, John and Sandra Young, were the best. They welcomed us into their home as if we were their long lost kids, and by the end of the two days we were calling them our Scottish parents. John kindly shuttled us around and they were always offering us something to eat.

The first morning we opted for the “traditional Scottish breakfast.” It was epic. We started off with cereal, toast, butter, jam, coffee, tea, and biscuits. I thought maybe that was the full breakfast. Not even close. Fifteen minutes later John and Sandra emerged from the kitchen with more toast, bread, and two plates loaded up with a fried egg, two kinds of sausage, bacon, grilled tomato and mushroom, and the centerpiece of the meal: Stornhams black pudding. Black pudding is a traditional favorite in Scotland, and Stornham’s is generally considered the best. It’s similar to German “blut-wurst”; it’s made from sheep’s blood and other things that we didn’t ask about in too much detail. But it’s delicious. Enough said. And it made the perfect base for a big day of filming and tasting whisky.

A traditional Scottish breakfast with sausage, bacon, and black pudding.


Eagerly awaiting our epic meal in the breakfast nook.


The next morning we opted for the “normal” breakfast, but John and Sandra were eager for us to try some local haggis, so we happily obliged. Once again, after toast and coffee and biscuits, they came out of the kitchen with two more plates of eggs, bacon, and haggis. It was fantastic as well, and a testament to the wonderful Scottish generosity and hospitality.

We’d highly recommend John and Sandra’s place in Edinburgh. The bed was by far the most comfortable we experienced during our entire stay (hotel rooms included), the rate is reasonable, the breakfast is awesome, and the Young’s are absolutely wonderful hosts. It’s not in the city center, but it’s an easy bus ride and John will probably offer you a ride to and from the city if you need. Here’s a link to their listing on Airbnb.

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