Our whisky chasing journey begins in – where else – Scotland. Distilling didn’t originate in Scotland – it likely began in Egypt and made it way northward, but Scotland is the nation that most fully and enthusiastically embraced the art of grain distillation. Scotland is the leading producer of malt whisky in the world (although many other nations are catching up) and it is here that the heart and soul of whisky still beats the strongest. The day after arriving in Edinburgh, we set off to the home of renowned whisky writer Charles MacLean, a good friend of Michael’s and a true character in the world of spirits. He kindly welcomed us into his home office for a dram and a lengthy interview, covering topics ranging from nosing and tasting, culture and history, and of course anecdotes about Michael’s significant contributions to the world of whisky writing and appreciation. Here’s a little snippet from our time with Charles MacLean.